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About Me

Hi Everyone. This part of my site is, ABOUT ME and im going to tell you how I came to making movies.

Well I was always facinated with making movies. I always loved watching everyones videos. Everyday I wondered what it would be like if I made my own videos. So I'm pretty sure on saturday, I woke up, ate breakfast and lunch and then had to go off to take a family picture. On my way there I was thinking about making my own show. So we waited for the family pictures. We were next in line. Yay!!! :-)!! So While taking pictures I still kept thinking about making videos. Then suddenly while taking my last family picture, the flash stunned me and my mind thought of nothing but making movies during the whole ride home. When we got home I was bored and asked my dad if I could make a video on his camera. So then I made my first video, Brennan And The Monster Behind The Door!!!  I put the video on youtube and noticed how much fun I had during that video. Sooooooo, I made more videos, bought my own camcorder, the flip, and now am creating the whole Brennan Show series!!!


That's my story,

Brennan!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-o !! LOL!




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